Bowtie risk management

Most risk assessments present a snapshot of the controls in place for a hazard at a particular moment in time. What is often missing is the link between the controls as they are today and the systems for ensuring they will continue to be effective tomorrow.

Risktec consultants are world leaders in the use of bowtie analysis to overcome this problem. The barrier diagrams are easy to understand, encourage involvement and ownership, and enable the practical implementation of hazard management at the operational level, through responsibilities for hardware, procedural and competence systems.

Our bowtie services include:

  • Developing bowties for HSSE or business risks
  • Facilitating bowtie workshops
  • Layer of protection analysis (LOPA)
  • Identifying safety and environment-critical elements and competency requirements
  • Developing bowtie information for hazard and risk awareness
  • Bowtie based incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Bowtie based management control reviews
  • Bowtie based auditing
  • Training in bowtie analysis and software tools

We use the BowTieXP software tool to efficiently implement the complete bowtie methodology.

“The bowtie is readily understood at all levels in an organisation and creates ownership of the risk management process.”


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