Research & Development

The Risktec Research & Development (R&D) team undertake projects in all industries and with the aim of helping society meet its evolving needs in a safe and sustainable way.

Our R&D Activities

Our R&D activities span six key areas, all of which share the common goal of preventing accidents and avoiding loss:

Engineering, Science & Technology

Helping society harness developments and innovations in engineering, science and technology to meet it’s evolving needs, aspirations and challenges in a safe, sustainable and ethical way.

HSSE Risk Management

Researching and developing innovative ways to better manage known health, safety, security and environmental risks and cost-effectively and proportionately manage new risks from emerging technologies.

Asset Integrity Management

Researching and developing innovative approaches to help industry manage asset integrity to reduce lifecycle risk and through-life costs, increase availability and reliability and extend operating life.

Software Tools

Developing cost-effective, practical, intuitive and accessible software tools to enable better risk management.

Training & Education

Researching, developing and innovating new approaches to learning to improve effectiveness, enhance value and increase impact.

Risktec PhD

Delivering relevant, useful, state-of-the-art research in risk and safety management to help industry reduce risk and avoid loss.

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