Risktec, in collaboration with Lancaster University, offer a PhD programme in the field of Risk, Safety and Security Assessment and Management, with a focus on major hazards.

The PhD is awarded by Lancaster University and comes with the twin benefits of academic supervision by Lancaster University and industrial supervision by Risktec.

This programme will benefit employees of organisations wanting to undertake cutting edge research in the field of risk, safety, and security assessment and management in major hazard industries.

The PhD programme is intended primarily for employees of organisations wanting to undertake research into areas of interest both to the individual and the organisation. However, it could also be self-funded. Typically, you would already hold a relevant university degree (or equivalent), although non-standard applicants may also be considered.

Your PhD topic should represent original research into a topic drawn from the field of risk, safety, and security assessment and management.  It would need to be agreed by your sponsoring organisation and also Lancaster University and Risktec, in terms of its suitability and our ability to provide meaningful supervision.

As enrolled postgraduate students of Lancaster University, doctoral students will have access to university research resources and be supervised by an academic leader in their chosen field. With facilitation, support and industrial supervision by a practising Risktec consultant, students will receive practical advice both on the intended scope of research, outcomes and any issues encountered, with a view to maximising its applicability and usefulness in the real world. For clients, this is a great way of undertaking focused and meaningful research in areas directly applicable to their business, designed so that early benefit can be taken as results emerge via the yearly interim thesis. Moreover, the programme provides intellectual stimulation and development opportunities for staff with a long-term incentive for retention.

How will I study?

Your PhD would normally undertaken be on a part-time basis over six or seven years, but could be full-time over three or four years with appropriate funding. Depending on the research topic, it can be undertaken remotely, at Risktec’s offices, at Lancaster University, or a mixture of the two. As an enrolled postgraduate student, you would have full access to Lancaster University’s learning resources.

Meetings with your supervisors to discuss progress and provide guidance would be typically on a monthly basis, or as needed at crucial points of your research programme.

In addition to the University’s requirement for a PhD thesis to be submitted at the end of the research programme, normally we would expect an interim thesis to be submitted annually, together with a progress update, which would be used as the basis for us to provide an assessment to your employer.

Fees to Lancaster University would be in accordance with their normal requirements. There would be an additional charge by Risktec for industrial supervision of £2,200 per year for a part-time PhD.

In the first instance, simply register your interest using the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your research idea and answer any questions. Thereafter, we’ll guide you through the formal application process, which includes submitting a research proposal to Lancaster University.