At Risktec we believe that companies will only be successful in the long term if they incorporate sustainability and social responsibility into the way they manage their business.

This means two things to us. Firstly, through the services we offer, our mission is to help our clients, and hence society as whole, meet their evolving energy and infrastructure needs in a safe, sustainable, and ethical way.

Secondly, through our internal policies and practices, we are committed to the responsibility we have as a company to meet the needs of people, society, and the environment on a sustainable basis.

Helping you with sustainability

Risktec is committed to meeting the evolving needs of energy and infrastructure in a safe, sustainable and ethical manner.  We aim to help our clients to achieve their sustainability goals, and offer a range of tailored services to assist with this

Sustainability within Risktec

By placing sustainability at the heart of our business strategy, we are undertaking business activities which are beneficial to the environment, our employees and society. Our sustainability strategy is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, recognising the importance of prioritising the welfare of our employees and the impact of our business to advance environmental, social and economic sustainability