Industrial and vendor inspections and assessments to ensure asset integrity and mitigate project risks


We provide a comprehensive service in Asset Integrity Management (AIM) for pressure systems, including outage / turnaround support and vendor inspection.

We provide inspection strategies and workscopes that enable compliance with statutory requirements and industry good practice, coordinating and delivering all site inspections (including non-destructive testing), as well as integrity assessment, weld repair solutions, component life extension and failure assessment.

Industrial inspection and integrity management

Our AIM capabilities are underpinned by a thorough understanding of the relevant regulations, and practical experience of pressure system design and operation, degradation mechanisms and integrity assessment. As such, Risktec is able to act as ‘owner’s engineer’ for a wide range of clients, helping them manage their plant integrity risks and support postponements of examinations and increases in examination intervals, while ensuring regulatory compliance. This provides clients with greater operational flexibility against a background of challenging market conditions.

We also produce novel weld repair solutions, which can address degraded austenitic and ferritic materials, for example. These provide significant added value to clients during outages, turnarounds and breakdowns by minimising downtime and allowing greater planning time for component repair or replacement.

Vendor inspection and assessment

Our inspections of vendor equipment aim to mitigate project, safety, environment, production and regulatory risks.  Our vendor inspection activities are supported by leading proprietary inspection management software, which is fully integrated into our certified inspection processes.

As part of TÜV Rheinland we offer a truly global service to meet the needs of clients with international supply chains.

Our industries

Risktec provides risk and safety support to many clients across a broad range of industry sectors.  Our expertise is particularly suited to organisations operating in the high hazard industries and other sectors where the impact of loss is high.

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Some representative clients

Our inspectors work for many of the world’s leading manufacturing and engineering companies

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