Clean energy

Risktec is actively helping organisations around the world play their part in the global fight against climate change by reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Whether their activities relate to the generation, storage, distribution or ultimate consumption of clean energy, or the mitigation of the environmental impact of traditional energy sources, we help them do this in a safe and sustainable way. We have experience across all established and emerging clean energy technologies and a proven track record to meet the challenges this sector faces. In working with us, clients can be assured of responsive, high quality technical support delivered by experienced consultants, tailored to meet specific circumstances.

Our experience and expertise


  • Renewable energy (wind, wave, tidal, hydro, solar, geothermal, biomass)
  • Energy storage (mechanical, electrical, chemical, biological, thermal)
  • Energy transmission and distribution
  • Hydrogen economy (generation, storage, distribution and use)
  • Battery storage and electric vehicles
  • Clean transportation (road, rail, sea, air)
  • Carbon capture and storage


  • Project developers
  • Plant and facility operators
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Design engineering companies
  • Logistics/transportation operators/manufacturers
  • Energy users/consumers
  • Industry associations and regulators

Facility lifecycle

  • Feasibility and optioneering
  • Concept design
  • Detailed design
  • Production/manufacturing
  • Product testing
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Management of change
  • Life extension/re-powering
  • Decommissioning
  • Recycling/disposal

Sector challenges

  • Emerging industries
  • New technologies
  • Innovation and efficiency
  • Integrated solutions to ensure continuity of energy supply
  • Managing risk in a proportionate and cost-effective way
  • Developing pragmatic corporate standards
  • Learning from other more mature industries
  • Sharing approaches and best practice for risk management
  • Cultural challenges


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Specialist risk management services, delivering proportionate solutions to help reduce and manage risk.

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Online and classroom training and postgraduate education to help develop risk management professionals.

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Specialist risk, HSSE and engineering associates to work at client locations to help fill resource and skills shortages.

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Industrial and vendor inspections and assessments to ensure asset integrity and mitigate project risks.

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Research and Development to help society meet its evolving needs in a safe and sustainable way.