Shaping your training to meet employee needs

Did you know that LinkedIn Global Talent Trend reports have identified that:

  • Companies rated highly for ‘Employee Training’ have a 53% lower staff attrition rate? 1


  • ‘Professional development opportunities’ was selected as the top area to invest in to improve company culture by 89% of respondees? 2

Risktec is perfectly placed to support you in meeting your employees’ training needs and expectations.

We have dedicated training staff with both industry-specific knowledge and hands-on experience to provide on-demand modules, on-site bespoke training courses, public certification courses, and advanced qualification courses including Risktec’s MSc in Risk & Safety Management in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).

Training support today to meet the challenges of tomorrow

What are you doing to prepare the engineers of today to be the leaders of tomorrow?

Succession planning is essential for continuity of operations and training is at the core helping transition staff from their current roles so they can reach that next level of competency and accept more senior responsibilities. 

The collective capabilities and experience of Risktec’s consultants has been built into our training courses, enabling our courses to cover the latest industry thinking and real-life situations, offering immediate benefits for the trainees. Risktec can support the development of your team’s competencies over time in through training which, in tandem with their increasing hands-on experience, will help work towards meeting your company’s operational goals.

A well thought-out training plan will not only prepare your employees for the challenges ahead, it can also have the following positive impacts on your company:

  • Improve company culture – where a company becomes recognised as having senior management who support the professional development of staff and fosters a culture of continuous learning to stay relevant in your industry.
  • Help with staff retention – when you invest in staff it has been shown to reduce attrition rates.
  • Boost productivity – where employees become more knowledgeable and confident in their roles, this progress can both enable and motive employees, leading to improved performance and productivity.

Your employees are your most valuable resource so investing in them is a sound investment in your company’s future. If you need help getting yourself or your team to the next level of competency for this year, next year, or to help achieve longer term goals, please reach out and a group of training, industry and education experts will be happy to help identify the training resources to increase competencies over time in line with your company goals.