Human Failures & Safety Critical Task Analysis

This Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF) Accredited Short Course is designed to provide attendees with the necessary baseline knowledge and skills to be able to start undertaking Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA).

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Define what is meant by Human Factors
  2. Understand the key legislation and guidance that is relevant to the application of Human Factors within the UK oil & gas sector
  3. Understand how human failures can contribute to accidents, and be able to identify credible human errors and violations
  4. Identify PIFs that can make human failures more likely, and understand how systems, tasks and processes can be designed to minimise their effects
  5. Understand the process to be followed for human failure identification and assessment, and the different approaches that are available
  6. Understand the detailed steps involved in SCTA
  7. Demonstrate experience in working through the SCTA process, including initial screening of activities and detailed HFA.


  • What is Human Factors?
  • Key Human Factors legislation and guidance – UK oil & gas & chemicals sector
  • Human errors and violations
  • Introduction to Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs)
  • Introduction to human failure identification & assessment
  • The SCTA process
  • Safety Critical activity screening
  • Detailed SCTA and Human Failure Assessment (HFA)
  • Successful implementation of SCTA

Who should attend?

Employees of companies who have a regulatory requirement to carry out SCTA. Anyone who may be required to plan, facilitate and/or take part in SCTA, including Health & Safety Managers, Process Safety specialists, training managers, supervisors, plant operators and maintainers.

What prior study is recommended?

Some understanding of health & safety risk assessment and risk management principles is desirable.

David Keane

Principal Consultant, Chartered Ergonomist & Human Factors Specialist (C.ErgHF), PhD Human Factors, BSc (Hons, 1st Class) Design & Technology for Industry

David has extensive experience applying Human Factors (HF) in the defence sector and the oil, gas and petrochemical sector. He has facilitated several Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) workshops to identify and assess safety critical activities where human failures may result in, directly or indirectly, Major Accidents (MAs). This has involved David conducting SCTA offshore on production and drilling rigs, and onshore at Control of Major Accident Hazard sites. David has often used SCTA outputs to improve the standard operating procedures / work instructions used by operators. This is in addition to the recommendations generated from SCTAs to reduce the likelihood of human failures and to improve recovery measures in the event of failures. David is well versed in HF integration, engineering and risk management, and HF methodologies for assessing usability, workload and human error.

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