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Risktec’s resourcing division is a leading supplier of specialist safety, engineering, consultancy and managed contractor services to the energy, transportation and defence industries, helping clients to manage gaps in their resource and expertise in industry sectors where the impact of loss is high.   We have a substantial track record of working with leading international and national operating companies, design engineering companies, manufacturers and suppliers, insurers and service providers, as well as industry associations and regulators.

Information for clients

Our associates have worked on all stages of the asset lifecycle, from feasibility studies and concept selection, through front end and detailed design, to construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and modifications, and decommissioning.  Our services are tailored to meet the resource and technical requirements of the individual customer.

We also have considerable experience of a broad range of regulatory, cultural and working environments, from prescriptive to goal-setting legislation, from compliance to learning organisations, and from harsh to mild environments.

Information for clients

We have a proven track record of providing the required skills in the most appropriate way, whether it is an individual to fulfil a specialist role, a complete project team, or the delivery of a firm priced project. This approach ensures that our clients retain the level of flexibility and value for money required in their ongoing operations and specific engineering projects.

In working with us clients can be assured of responsive, high quality technical support delivered by experienced consultants, tailored to meet specific circumstances.


How we can help you

  • A painless resourcing experience, one contract for multiple resources, managed by dedicated responsive resourcing professionals
  • Specialist safety, engineering and projects support resources
  • Experienced and quality people with proven skills
  • Provision of resources from one day workshops to long-term secondment to a client site
  • Known, used and vetted by Risktec for existing clients
  • Backed up by the global support of Risktec consultants for discreet studies.

Information for clients


We provide associates who:

  • Are well known to us
  • Are suitably qualified and bring the required specific skills and experience
  • Have many years’ experience and hence can make an immediate and positive impact on projects
  • Can be supported by work packages from consultants in our own offices.

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