Security risk management

Many large companies are finding their facilities, operations and sensitive information is under increasing security threat, whether located in developing countries or Western urban centres. As a result, identifying and protecting against such threats as political instability, bomb alerts, natural disasters, insider sabotage or cyber hacking, is a priority for many organisations.

Risktec helps organisations to identify, understand, assess and manage their security risks. Our systematic yet flexible approach develops a comprehensive security plan, covering physical and procedural defences.

Our services encompass:

  • Security vulnerability/risk analysis, including using bowtie analysis to identify deterrent, prevention, detection and mitigation controls
  • Identification of vital areas
  • Physical security risk assessment
  • Integration of safety and security requirements and solutions
  • Developing security management strategies and response plans
  • Developing security awareness and training programmes
  • Security audits and reviews
  • Investigation and root cause analysis of security incidents
  • Marine and port audits, assessments, plans, drills and exercises, and training to international security standards
  • Due diligence for acquisitions, mergers and business ventures
  • Training courses
  • Cybersecurity risk management


“Our risk-based approach to security management enables resources to be focused where they are most needed.”

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