Safety assurance

Safety assurance provides confidence that risks, behaviours and processes that are potential threats to safety are being managed and controlled to acceptable levels through appropriate measures.  Good safety assurance, coupled with good safety management system processes, can lead to better risk management, improved performance and reduced loss due to accidents.

Risktec supports all aspects of safety assurance, within a company, across interfaces with other companies, and across the whole system or facility.  This includes safety assurance arrangements which extend to contractors and suppliers.

Risktec provides a broad range of safety assurance services, including:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and industry and company standards
  • Developing safety assurance processes
  • Preparing project safety assurance plans
  • Developing audit programmes
  • Developing safety requirement specifications
  • Safety system specification
  • Design/engineering substantiation
  • Electrical, control and instrumentation substantiation
  • Equipment qualification
  • SIL assessment
  • RAM assessment

“Risktec takes a proportionate approach to safety assurance, allocating resources according to the assessed risks.  Assurance that is limited to compliance only – a ‘tick box’ approach – limits understanding of company objectives and interface risks.”


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