Competence management

A robust Competency Management (CM) system that is fully aligned to business objectives will help provide appropriately skilled and qualified personnel. This improves resource planning and operational effectiveness, and demonstrates compliance with regulatory or industry requirements.

Risktec helps clients to look beyond satisfying minimum requirements by focusing on competence as a strategic tool. We analyse an organisation and design, develop and implement suitable CM systems, allowing alignment between operational and competency needs.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of current arrangements against best practice competency standards
  • Capture of competency requirements – organisational, team and personal
  • Role and task analysis
  • Competency assessment and training needs analysis
  • Competency management system development
  • HR system integration, personnel planning and optimisation
  • Developing and verifying competence assurance systems
  • Training courses

Where appropriate, we use the SkillsXP software tool to efficiently implement the CM solution.

Competency Management

“Risktec has been at the Leading edge of developing practical tools to support the growing demand for CM frameworks, tailored to suit the individual business need.”

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