We provide a comprehensive range of specialist risk and safety management services, delivering packaged and proportionate solutions to help reduce and manage risk.

Our experience ranges from delivering small self-contained work packages to managing complex multi-disciplinary projects with a large number of stakeholders.

Our consulting services

Our services recognise that controlling risk requires understanding engineered and technological systems, management systems and organisational, cultural and behavioural factors.

Our deliverables

Our deliverables range from assessments for specific risk issues, through formal safety cases
for large industrial facilities, to entire management system documentation, and multi-year training,
cultural and implementation support.

Our tools

We use industry standard risk and HSSE software to add value to our consulting services.  We also develop customised tools to help solve unique problems not readily tackled by standard methods.  These range from spreadsheet-based risk and reliability tools, to fully-developed, multi-user access .NET Windows applications written in C# and with graphing control.

We work closely with Microsoft certified partners to help specify, develop, support or provide training in a range of specialist HSSE and risk software.