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We are always on the look-out for talented people, either as individuals or established teams, to enhance all areas of our business, whether that be through helping to grow our core business, establishing new offices close to growing markets or adding complementary services to our portfolio.

We always welcome direct applications and enquiries, all of which will be treated in strict confidence. Please send your application or enquiry to [email protected]. For an initial confidential discussion, please contact Martin Fairclough or Andy Thompson on +44 (0)1925 611200.

If you would like to become an associate of Risktec and work on assignments in our clients’ offices, please scroll down to the resourcing section to find out more about our contract roles.


What you can expect with a career at Risktec

1.  Opportunities to work on interesting and influential projects across different sectors and for highly prestigious clients.

“The best part is the sheer variety of projects you have the chance to be involved in.” David, Dubai
Risktec has always been happy to help me gain exposure to each new sector, and this has provided the chance to keep things fresh and exciting.” David, Dubai
“I have been involved with an unprecedented range of interesting, innovative and influential projects across different sectors since joining Risktec, John, Warrington
“The opportunity to work in different industries has given me a broader view of how process safety is ensured across different sectors but also in different regions of the world. This has made me a much more capable and experienced consultant.” Erwan, Edinburgh

2.  A supportive, encouraging and empowering environment where you can stretch yourself and shine.

“Risktec has offered the most challenging and supportive environment for me to stretch myself – unpredictable, tremendously rewarding and stimulating.” John, Warrington
“Working outside your comfort zone does not make an easy life, but being supported and encouraged to explore and understand what the client actually needs (which may differ from what they may initially think they want) is the Risktec way.” John, Warrington
“I have been supported and encouraged to establish and grow a new office in Derby which extends Risktec’s reach into the rail industry building stronger links with existing clients as well as securing work with new clients in the Aerospace Industry as well as supporting work in core markets of Oil and Gas and new clients in the Renewables Sector.” Phil, Derby
“Risktec has encouraged me to take on new responsibilities; the mentorship they have provided has allowed me to successfully manage larger projects and build a strong relationship with one of our key clients.” Steph, Warrington
“The team here is very supportive, from the company Directors to the colleagues working in my team.” Steph, Warrington
“Risktec provide opportunities to work on variety of projects, across multiple sectors.” Steph, Warrington
“There are no tasks viewed as above or below a given grade. Opportunities to undertake new tasks and demonstrate your growing capabilities are there for the taking. Those who are self-motivated and willing to push themselves are rewarded with varied work and a progressive career path.” Anna, London
“I have been given the support and encouragement I needed to push myself, as well as gaining the confidence to liaise directly with clients. I have also been based within client offices where I was given the opportunity to further expand my industry knowledge.” Jill, Dubai
“I feel empowered to make my own decisions and undertake work outside of my comfort zone, ensuring I continue to grow both technically and professionally on each and every project I work on.” Anna, London
“Having joined straight from university, I have gained significant professional and personal experience which has provided me the capability to facilitate workshops and lead work scopes.” Mylan, Aberdeen
“I have relished the opportunities I’ve been given to step outside my comfort zone. These have allowed me to develop myself and become a more useful asset to add extra value. I’ve been given great support whenever I have asked and feel encouraged to push myself even further”. Alan, Edinburgh

3.  Responsibility to manage the complete life-cycle of a project from initial enquiry to final deliverables.

“…it is extremely rewarding to see a project develop from an initial scope of work through to a completed set of deliverables and a satisfied client.” David, Dubai
“I have been provided the opportunity to both support and manage a wide range of different projects through their complete life-cycle; from initial development of proposal, management of project progress and budgets, issue of deliverables and invoicing of the client upon project completion.” Mylan, Aberdeen

4.  Opportunity to work with highly collaborative and talented individuals for greater good.

“I’ve been consistently encouraged to creatively apply and develop my knowledge and experience, teaming with a supremely talented and great set of people.” John, Warrington
“Risktec provides a great and engaging environment with many friendly, approachable and helpful colleagues from different offices.” Sophia, Dubai
“Risktec is a very supportive environment with a wealth of highly experienced and collaborative multidisciplinary engineers whom I can rely on to provide help and expert advice.” Erwan, Edinburgh

5.  None of the bureaucratic and hierarchical hurdles that stifle progress and innovation within more corporate organisations.

“Having experienced the constraints and frustrations of working in a ‘corporate’ environment for 30 years, the sheer liberation and inspiration of working for Risktec cannot be overstated.” John, Warrington
“….as an organisation, Risktec is absolutely committed to, and successful in, removing all the bureaucratic and hierarchical blocks that can stifle other firms.” John, Warrington
“This empowered approach has given me the opportunity to be successful in developing what is now a significant piece of Risktec’s business with reasonable independence and suitable peer review when required, without a bureaucratic process slowing the business down.” Phil, Derby
“I have had the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of setting up a business, drawing on the support from the entire Risktec organisation. It is hugely rewarding to see the fruits of our labour and reciprocate this support to other offices.” Stefan, Rijswijk

6.  Opportunities to work internationally across our offices in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

“I was given the opportunity to play a key role in the establishment of Risktec’s business in Calgary. This afforded me the opportunity to build on my technical ability within a new industry, develop an entirely new set of skills related to business development and management, and help grow the Risktec brand within Canada.” James, Calgary
“I am hugely privileged, and will be forever grateful, for the opportunities afforded to me to develop professionally while building a new life for my family in a new country.” James, Calgary
“I’ve had the opportunity to work in a number of different countries, across a variety of industries, including oil and gas and rail. This has meant my knowledge has increased as well as my cultural awareness.” Jill, Dubai
“Many of these projects have also allowed me to travel and work internationally in many different locations including Jamaica, Tanzania, Brazil, Russia and Tunisia.” Mylan, Aberdeen

7.  Excellent professional development opportunities, including free access to our Risk and Safety Management learning programme and qualifications.

“Completing the Risktec MSc in Risk & Safety Management while working was of huge benefit – I was gaining relevant practical ‘on the job’ experience which ensured the course was far more relevant and directed.” Emily, Glasgow
“Since joining in 2013, Risktec have provided significant opportunities to develop my technical and consulting skills, with challenging work opportunities and allowing me to achieve an MSc in Risk and Safety Management.”  Steph, Warrington
“I am currently taking advantage of a great internal career development opportunity, working with Risktec’s MD and the leadership team; this has given me insight into the corporate and strategic aspects of the business and allows me to support internal improvement projects within Risktec.” Steph, Warrington
“Risktec for me is about opportunities. The opportunity to learn, both via the Risktec Professional Qualification programme and on the job training. The opportunity to do many exciting projects while working and sometimes travelling with clients and colleagues around the globe. I get to meet interesting people and experience new cultures, each with their own approach.” Stefan, Rijswijk

8.  The dynamism and creativity of a small organisation and the stability and security of a large parent company.

“We can make our own decisions as a small team and act on them knowing that TÜV Rheinland will support our delivery, in over 50 countries. Local autonomy with global reach is truly empowering.” Tom, Glasgow
“Working in a small organisation that is part of a larger parent company provides unique opportunities to further your career, take on extra responsibilities and travel the world (if you want to).  You still have a close working relationship with the company directors whilst also having the financial stability provided by a large parent company”. Pamela, Edinburgh

9.  Reward and recognition for your efforts and achievements.

As part of the TUV Rheinland Group, wider development projects are available.  My development potential has been recognised and I have been lucky enough to be put forward to attend a TÜV Rheinland Young Professional Conference in Abu Dhabi.” Steph, Warrington
“Our Project Feedback process provides the perfect platform to receive recognition for your hard work from both colleagues and clients.” Anna, London
“At Risktec, my hard work, dedication and good performance has been rewarded with true career progression that is not restricted by an organisational structure.” Anna, London

10.  A healthy work-life balance.

“Risktec offers all of these opportunities while encouraging and promoting a healthy work – life balance.”

James, Calgary

“From joining as a graduate and progressing to Senior Engineer, working full time and travelling the world, to then becoming a part-time working mother with a flexible working arrangement, Risktec have been supportive and flexible throughout”. Pamela, Edinburgh

Risktec Resourcing

Contract roles are also available for experienced professionals

The Risktec Resourcing team provides contracting opportunities for skilled, experienced professionals to work alongside Risktec consultants on specialist projects, or to work directly for clients on short and long-term placements.

Visit the resourcing pages here.


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