Environmental management

Risktec delivers a wide range of services for the systematic identification, evaluation and control of risks to the environment. Clients receive the benefit of our consultants’ ability to identify, assess and implement effective management and operational controls to mitigate environmental impacts, minimise waste and increase efficiency.

This embraces:

  • Developing Environmental Management Systems to ISO 14001, which achieve sustainable development and minimise socio-economic impact
  • Developing Environmental Performance Evaluation systems to ISO 14031, to deliver reliable and verifiable information
  • Determining baseline environmental conditions via specialist environmental partners to provide field and experimental research, surveys and laboratory services
  • Assessment of environmental impact of business and facility operations including air and water quality, contaminated land, discharges and waste management
  • Developing environmental aspects registers
  • Identifying environmental-critical elements and developing performance standards and verification schemes
  • Identifying best environmental practice
  • Conducting third-party audits
  • Analysing environmental risk for company activities to reveal exposure to pollution liabilities
  • Due diligence reviews of facilities involved in mergers and acquisitions
  • Contingency planning for an effective response to major environmental risks
  • Training courses

“Our approach facilitates a clear understanding of how environmental impacts will be managed during operations.”