HSSE Leadership for Supervisors



This course aims to build an emotional commitment for HSSE and enables supervisors to effectively lead HSSE as an integral part of their day-to-day activities. The course considers the interactions between the group, the individual, business systems and values. It illustrates how bringing these elements together enables insights for the effective supervisory leadership of a proactive and ‘Just’ HSSE culture and improved organisational risk management.


Who is this for?

Front-line worksite supervisors, especially those working in high hazard industries. Managers should attend the HSSE Leadership for Managers course.

Outline content

  • Courage for HSSE leadership
  • The supervisor’s role in preventing incidents
  • An organisation’s HSSE cultural journey
  • Understanding motivation and behaviour
  • HSSE as a value
  • Leadership in reducing HSSE risk and incidents
  • Qualities and skills of leaders
  • Important aspects of supervision
  • Personal commitment and leading change

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Lead positive HSSE cultural change within your team
  2. Become a champion for a proactive and just HSSE culture
  3. Commit to implementing your own personal HSSE leadership approach

In-house training

F2F (2 days)

What prior study is recommended?

Supervisory experience.

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