Supply chain risk management

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, in part due to globalisation, new technologies and customer demand for variety. Organisations are vulnerable to financial loss and negative impact on their brand reputation resulting from all aspects of supplier performance, whether from internal risks like counterfeiting incidents and breaches of labour laws, or external risks such as natural disasters disrupting production or shipment.

Risktec provides solutions to all aspects of the supply chain to reduce vulnerability and ensure continuity, including:

  • Defining supply chain management requirements
  • Risk assessment of supply chain
  • Supplier and customer assessment
  • Vendor inspections
  • Auditing for standards conformity (including certification, if required)
  • Training courses

We take a proactive risk-based approach to setting supply chain strategies and work with our clients to ensure that ownership for managing identified risks is firmly embedded within the client organisation.


“Our approach to SCRM ensures clients not only mitigate financial and reputational risks but also increase value within the supply chain through improved performance.”

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Visit TÜV Rheinland’s website for further information on supply chain solutions.

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