Specialist nuclear safety studies

Specialist nuclear safety studies are undertaken for nuclear facilities throughout the project lifecycle, from concept selection to the operational phase. As the lifecycle progresses, the level of information about a facility increases, enabling more detailed risk assessment. However, the opportunity for making changes to the facility is greater at earlier stages of the project.

Nuclear safety studies provide essential information that feeds into a probabilistic safety assessment and safety case.  Recommendations made during the course of these studies is implemented within the design or operation, where practicable, to ensure risks are being managed to acceptable levels.

Risktec has extensive experience of nuclear safety studies including:

  • Fire and explosion risk assessment
  • Chemotoxic assessment
  • Criticality analysis
  • Shielding assessment
  • Fragility assessment
  • Radiation protection
  • Radiological dose assessment
  • Radiological consequence assessment
  • Industrial hazards safety assessment
  • Conventional safety assessment
  • Natural hazards risk assessment such as flooding, hurricane and earthquake
  • Training courses

“Our approach to nuclear safety studies involves undertaking the right studies at the right stage of the project lifecycle to the level of detail that delivers pragmatic risk reduction solutions.”

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