Safety leadership

Many organisations have set goals of zero harm and no losses.  Such goals are only achievable through effective leadership of workplace and systems safety.  The role of the leader is to inspire and motivate, and to challenge the organisation on whether the right things are being done.  The effective leader sets a strong safety leadership example.  Others see this and know what the leader cares about. This creates employee engagement, sets an environment where safety matters and employees choose to do the right thing.

Risktec provides a range of services designed to help those in leadership roles become effective safety leaders.  Risktec works collaboratively with clients, building an emotional and personal commitment to leading positive change in safety culture.

Our services include:

  • Safety leadership strategy and competency development programmes and support
  • Safety leadership training, workshops and coaching for executives, managers and supervisors
  • Safety culture/climate surveys and assessment
  • Cultural change support
  • Safety leadership and culture computer-based training, interactive videos and distance learning

Our safety leadership services are based upon current research and best practice, and are delivered by senior consultants with extensive leadership experience in high hazard industries.



“Risktec’s approach considers the interactions between the individual, the group, business systems and values, creating insights for effective safety leadership and improved organisational risk management.”

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