Independent review and verification

Independent reviews provide a credible, objective assessment at key decision points during the lifecycle of a facility, from acquisition or concept, through design and operation, to modifications and decommissioning.  Risktec is regularly engaged by facility owners and operators, equipment suppliers and insurers, in many industries, to provide independent review and verification.

Whatever the objectives of the review, we bring a positive approach.  We work with the client in a collaborative and constructive way, to take a fresh, impartial look at critical risk issues.  We offer recommendations to improve performance or reduce risk.

Our services include:

  • Developing assessment and audit strategies
  • Desktop technical assessments, peer reviews and site audits
  • Periodic reviews and revalidations
  • Due diligence for acquisitions, mergers and business ventures
  • Identifying technical weaknesses
  • Identifying where practices deviate from procedures
  • Identifying conflicting attitudes at different organisational levels
  • Ranking identified risk exposures
  • Developing plans for improved management control
  • Supporting implementation


“We take a pragmatic view of independent review work by ‘stepping back’ and looking at the big picture, homing-in on any key areas of risk.”

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