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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is viewed as a key component of reducing the amounts of CO2 present in the atmosphere, and hence reducing the effects of global warming. CCS comprises the capture of CO2 from emitters, the transportation to suitable storage sites and then the long term sequestration of the CO2.  A number of technologies are being actively researched for CO2 storage, one of which is deep underground storage in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Risktec has been working as part of the EU funded “DETECT” research project to consider the integrity of such underground storage sites to ensure that the risks of CO2 leakage e.g. by geological pathways, are managed to prevent any potential adverse effects on the surrounding environment.

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Consistent with our “knowledge sharing” culture, Risktec has made all our research findings freely available so as to better inform CCS operators, regulators and other stakeholders in their risk mitigation strategies.

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