Physical effects consequence modelling

The physical effects arising from the loss of containment of hazardous materials can cause serious harm to people, the environment, equipment and infrastructure. Such effects include flammable and toxic gas dispersion, fires, explosions, smoke and oil dispersion.

Risktec is a specialist in the various techniques available for modelling physical effects, ranging from simple equations, through software algorithms based on physics that have been correlated against experimental data, to sophisticated 3 dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation.

Our services include:

  • Site based surveys or ‘walkdowns’ using checklists
  • Screening analysis using empirical models
  • Detailed analysis using CFD models
  • Jet, pool and flash fire thermal radiation modelling
  • Explosion overpressure and drag load modelling including exceedance analysis
  • Flammable gas, toxic gas and smoke dispersion modelling
  • BLEVE and escalation effects modelling
  • Design accident load analysis
  • Flare and vent studies (dispersion and thermal radiation)
  • Analysis of response and vulnerability of systems and structures
  • Fire and explosion protection system assessments
  • Development of risk reduction strategies
  • Assessment and development of escape, evacuation, rescue and recovery plans
  • Training courses

“We use a suite of in-house models and state-of-the-art commercial software, and recommend cost-effective mitigation and emergency planning measures.”