Assessing offshore explosions

Assessing offshore explosions


During major maintenance periods, offshore platforms are usually shut down to remove the major explosion risk to the workers. In association with MMI Engineering Limited, Risktec has developed a practical and cost effective approach to assessing and mitigating explosions, enabling continued production.

Often, a separate, dedicated flotel or drilling rig might provide additional accommodation next to the production platform. The hazards associated with this accommodation facility are usually negligible, since there would be no hazardous activities undertaken onboard. However, the accommodation may still be threatened by fire and explosion accidents originating on the production platform.

With highly targeted use of the new CFD code CEBAM, Risktec is able to advise clients how best to position and orient the accommodation facility to optimise personnel protection, and evacuation, escape and rescue arrangements, without affecting production.




This article first appeared in RISKworld Issue 3.

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Assessing offshore explosions