Research & Development

Research and Development to help society

meet its evolving needs in a safe and sustainable way

Research & Development

Our R&D activities span six key areas, all of which share the common goal of preventing accidents and avoiding loss:

Engineering, Science & Technology

Helping society harness developments and innovations in engineering, science and technology to meet it’s evolving needs, aspirations and challenges in a safe, sustainable and ethical way

HSSE Risk Management

Researching and developing innovative ways to better manage known health, safety, security and environmental risks and cost-effectively and proportionately manage new risks from emerging technologies

Asset Integrity Management

Researching and developing innovative approaches to help industry manage asset integrity to reduce lifecycle risk and through-life costs, increase availability and reliability and extend operating life

Software Tools

Developing cost-effective, practical, intuitive and accessible software tools to enable better risk management

Training & Education

Researching, developing and innovating new approaches to learning to improve effectiveness, enhance value and increase impact

Risktec PhD

Delivering relevant, useful, state-of-the-art research in risk and safety management to help industry reduce risk and avoid loss.

Our Industries

Our research and development capability and experience is particularly suited to companies and organisations operating in the high hazard industries and other sectors where the impact of loss is high.

Discover what we can do for your industry.

Upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas, as well as petrochemicals and chemicals

Civil nuclear power generation, reprocessing, waste management, decommissioning and disposal

Generation, storage, distribution and use of clean energy plus mitigation of impact of traditional energy sources

Nuclear submarines, dockyards, naval bases, specialist facilities and military platforms

Railway signaling, rolling stock and infrastructure, as well as aviation and maritime

Steam raising power plants including coal, gas, biomass and waste to energy

Some representative clients

We conduct research and development for many of the world’s leading organisations, academic institutions and industry bodies.

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