US MARAD-compliant CVSSA



The purpose of the course is to equip personnel who may be required to respond to a ‘reportable’ crime aboard ship, to do so in accordance with the CVSSA 2010. Personnel who receive training through this course will ensure a vessel’s compliance with USCG directive, under the Act.


Who is this for?

Those personnel on board ship who may be required to manage the immediate response to a reportable crime.

Outline content

  • The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act 2010
  • Security threats to cruise ships
  • Maritime security legislation
  • Crime prevention, threats, risks and vulnerabilities
  • The principles of security
  • Security and surveillance equipment
  • Circumventing security measures
  • Mandatory reporting
  • The recognition of crime
  • Evidence: early evidence kits, crime scene photography, processing evidence, witnesses
  • Missing persons, sudden deaths and fatal accidents
  • Rape, sexual and serious physical assaults
  • Post-incident review and experiential learning cycle
  • Confidentiality and data protection
  • Legal aspects: common offences, use of force and custody

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Contribute to the enhancement of safety and security through heightened awareness
  2. Recognise security and safety risks, threats and vulnerabilities in order to prevent crime
  3. Identify and preserve evidence
  4. Report and record criminal offences

In-house training

F2F (2 days)

What prior study is recommended?

Education, skills or experience equivalent to undergraduate level.

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