Process Safety Management in Design & Operations



Controlling risks within major hazard enterprises requires a robust process safety management (PSM) system. This course introduces the essential elements of a PSM system and provides an overview of key focus areas including process safety leadership, process safety studies, strategies for reducing and managing risk, and monitoring and auditing performance.


Who is this for?

Project managers, project engineers, project advisors, operations and maintenance managers, and process safety practitioners, especially those working in large, complex, high-value project and operational environments.

Outline content

  • Definition of Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Twenty elements of a PSM system
  • Process safety standards and guidance
  • Inherently safer design
  • Process safety studies
  • Process safety reviews
  • Barrier diagrams (bowtie analysis)
  • Safety critical elements, performance standards, assurance and verification
  • Process safety leading and lagging indicators
  • Process safety audits
  • Management of change
  • Implementation aspects

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Analyse the process safety management system
  2. Analyse the importance of assuring the integrity of engineered barriers (plant), competency of key personnel (people) and quality of procedures (processes)
  3. Devise approaches for the successful implementation of the process safety management system

In-house training

F2F (2 days)

What prior study is recommended?

Education, skills or experience equivalent to undergraduate level.

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