Management of Disruptive Passengers



The purpose of the course is to equip personnel who may be required to deal with disruptive passengers to manage any such incident safely, with due regard to customer care and the relevant law and with the minimum of disturbance to other passengers.


Who is this for?

Those personnel with dedicated security duties on board ship; deck officers, pursers, masters at arms.

Outline content

  • The operational framework: legal aspects, both maritime and land instruments, including human rights, equality and data protection legislation, as well as relevant civil law instruments
  • Communication and conflict management (developed under UK security industry authority guidance)
  • Unarmed defensive techniques and physical intervention, including physical intervention, restraints, handcuffing (rigid handcuffs), safe movement skills and custody procedures
  • The physical skills trainers are all accredited UK Home Office instructors with police and prison service backgrounds.

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Apply essential conflict resolution skills to de-escalate a potential confrontational situation
  2. Utilise psychological techniques to intervene in a conflict in a measured and practical way
  3. Explain the conflict resolution model
  4. Identify when communication skills are no longer working and adopt a tactical and strategic approach
  5. Understand the importance of the ethical appeal
  6. Conduct a physical intervention (as a last resort)
  7. Explain the custody, care and control process of an individual, with human rights at the forefront of the process
  8. Explain the documentation processes
  9. Conduct debriefs of staff members involved in an incident

In-house training


  • 4 days (for ships’ officers as primary responders or security team leaders) onshore, or
  • 4 hours (each seminar) for crew members on board. An overview of the knowledge and techniques required to support the primary responders.

What prior study is recommended?

No prior study is required.

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