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Introduction to Nuclear-Powered Submarines



The course provides a high-level understanding of nuclear energy and safety principles and is suitable for anyone who will potentially be involved in or impacted by the acquisition, operation and future sustainment of nuclear submarines in Australia.


Who is this for?

Individuals and organisations who require a basic understanding of nuclear energy, how it is used to power submarines, and broader considerations for Australia including the management of nuclear safety and regulation.

Outline content

  • Basics of nuclear physics
  • Benefits and harmful effects from radiation on systems, personnel and environment
  • Types of nuclear reactors and how we harness the energy from nuclear reactions
  • The potential hazards and risks associated with the design, build and operation of nuclear submarines and infrastructure
  • The principles of regulation and the important role and function of the nuclear regulator
  • How a case for safety for nuclear submarines and infrastructure would be developed and maintained
  • Overview of the nuclear lifecycle

At the end of the course you should be able to understand:

  1. The effects of radiation
  2. How nuclear energy is harnessed to power nuclear submarines
  3. The hazards, risks and risk management of nuclear-powered submarines
  4. Nuclear safety principles and the regulation of nuclear power plant and infrastructure
  5. The basics of building and maintaining the case for safety of nuclear plant and infrastructure
  6. The nuclear lifecycle

What prior study is recommended?


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