HSSE Risk Management for Managers



The course aims to describe how the risk management process defined in ISO 31000:2009 applies to health, safety, security and environmental risks. The course enables managers to understand each element of the risk management process and their role in ensuring its effective implementation.


Who is this for?

Line and functional senior and middle managers working in high hazard industries.

Outline content

  • Drivers for HSSE risk management
  • HSSE risk management process
  • HSSE risk definitions
  • HSSE risk identification and analysis
  • HSSE risk evaluation and treatment
  • HSSE risk monitoring and review
  • HSSE risk communication and consultation
  • HSSE leadership expectations of managers

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Evaluate the various drivers which cause organisations to manage risk
  2. Define the various types of HSSE risk
  3. Deconstruct the HSSE risk management process into its constituent components
  4. Describe the various approaches for analysing HSSE risks
  5. Critically analyse risk reduction options in order to implement suitable and sufficient risk controls
  6. Develop HSSE leading and lagging performance indicators
  7. Communicate risk information to stakeholders
  8. Evaluate the role of managers in leading effective HSSE risk management

In-house training

F2F (1, 2 or 3 days)

What prior study is recommended?

Education, skills or experience equivalent to undergraduate level.

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