Are you communicating simple
messages effectively across your


Can your workforce relate these messages to their specific roles and responsibilities to ensure tangible improvement?


Are these messages delivered in a memorable way, providing a long-term benefit to your business?


Are you communicating simple messages effectively across your workforce?


Are these messages delivered in a memorable way, providing a long-term benefit to your business?


Can your workforce relate these messages to their specific roles and responsibilities to ensure tangible improvement?

What is Game Based Learning?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “no”, then Game Based Learning may be for you…

A perennial ©frustration for organisations working within high hazard industries is that despite going to great time, cost and ©trouble to communicate important messages across the entire workforce, incidents continue to happen. Making these messages “stick” is clearly not a ©trivial pursuit. But ©don’t panic, Risktec offers an exciting solution to this problem…

Whereas our training and education syllabus primarily focuses on transferring complex technical knowledge and understanding to industry specialists, Game Based Learning (GBL) is all about communicating simple messages to large numbers of people at all levels of an organisation in a highly memorable way.

Risktec has developed a series of games which instil a fundamental understanding of key technical safety themes at all levels of an organisation. Each game uses a fun, every-day analogy or metaphor for a traditionally technical subject making the training accessible to all. Through playing the game, trainees develop a memorable appreciation of how the analogy/metaphor relates to their specific roles and responsibilities. When people participate in an interactive, hands-on activity, their retention of knowledge is much better compared to simply listening or reading. Indeed it is commonly suggested that you remember 90% of what you “do” when you simulate, model or experience a lesson. This is what GBL is all about.

Who would have thought that having fun playing a game could reduce the likelihood of a major accident? Well, GBL aims to do just that!

The games

You can use GBL to get across any message in the workplace. But it is in high hazard industries – where, generally speaking, improvement is about small margins – that GBL comes into its own. Risktec has developed a series of games which instil a fundamental understanding of key technical safety themes at all levels of an organisation. By linking technical safety themes to every day analogies or metaphors, GBL is industry agnostic. With the messages it seeks to communicate transcending all high hazard industries, GBL provides clear benefits to all of these industries.

These games can be used off-the-shelf or tailored to suit a specific application, ©operation or asset and hence can be delivered on a highly flexible and cost-effective basis. They will certainly not put your budget in ©jeopardy.

Here are a few examples:

Tipping Point

Defence In Depth


Everyday operational issues can be tough on your barriers against failure. Put your judgement and technical skills to the test, to see how well you can manage your facility and keep it from collapse.

This game illustrates the concept of defence in depth to prevent major accidents. The players are given scenarios that can result in loss of safety barriers and, through playing the game, they will gain a practical understanding of the effects that eroding the integrity of these safety barriers can have on the stability of operations.


Safety Critical Elements


Spec your own private jet for the holiday of a lifetime! A lottery win means you can afford it all; on-board disco, pool table, the works! But when reality bites, can you afford what you really need to fly at all?

This game illustrates the concept of safety critical elements in the context of an aeroplanes systems. The players use their judgement to identify components which are essential to the safety of the flight. This mirrors the identification and justification of safety critical elements essential for the prevention and mitigation of major accidents

Peak Performance

Roles and Responsibilities


Does your expedition team have what it takes to battle the extreme conditions and enormous physical demands to reach the summit of Mount Everest? Only by working together and relying on your collective skills and abilities will you meet this epic challenge and make it to the top of the world!

This game illustrates that, in the workplace, it is essential that key roles are fulfilled by people with the right training, experience and knowledge, and who are provided with the right tools and information to perform those roles effectively.

Building In Change

Management of Change


You are the General Manager of a new, Art Deco inspired skyscraper in a global city. How will you react and respond to the inevitable changes that occur during the life of the building. Will it retain its iconic status or will it start to crumble?

This game gets across the message that change is inevitable and owners/operators must manage this change effectively to ensure their industrial facilities keep doing what they need to do on a safe, effective, reliable and sustainable basis.

Plane Simple

Operating Instructions


Same plane, different instructions – who can build theirs fastest? Are your instructions first-class, do they leave you to wing-it, or should they be ditched completely?

This game illustrates the importance of good, clear, intuitive and easy to follow operating instructions to achieve a successful and safe outcome. It prompts players to challenge whether the operating instructions and procedures they use in their jobs are as good as they could be.

Why Guess?

Adherence to Procedures


You know who you are and they know who they are! Who can identify the other fastest?

This game throws a spotlight on the huge amount of work and learning that goes into developing Operating Instructions for Major Hazard Facilities. Lots of time, effort, trouble and thought goes into their development and so they should be followed to benefit from this vast knowledge and experience. That said, they shouldn’t be followed blindly. Operators are an important barrier to safety and they must keep their wits about them to ensure a safe outcome.

Chemical Hazard

Chemical Safety


Have you got the formula for success? Put your knowledge of chemical safety to the test to neutralise the opposition!

This game encourages and incentivises players to learn about the range of chemicals used across an industrial facility, the hazards these chemicals present and the precautions, measures and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) established to help manage them.

Lost in Translation

Clear Communications


The difference between a vision and reality is the clarity of the instruction! Do your communications help everyone get into the swing of things or are they gobbledygook?

This game illustrates the importance of clear, effective, two-way communications to the completion of any task or activity. Through playing the game, participants learn the key fundamentals of giving and receiving instructions to achieve a successful outcome.

Star Culture

Safety Culture


Is safety how you do business as you blast through galaxies? Or don’t you care as long as you don’t get caught?

This game highlights the importance of safety culture in achieving an organisation’s business objectives.  An improving safety culture can be characterised as moving up a ladder, from pathological, through reactive, calculative and proactive, to generative. Thinking about personal behaviours related to each cultural level can help people to realise how they can contribute positively to improving safety performance.

Bowtie of the Tiger

The Bowtie Approach


Is your tiger carefully caged or roaming raged? Earn your stripes by keeping everyone safe to provide a purr-fect day out for visitors and make your zoo a roaring success.

This game communicates the fundamentals of the bowtie approach – the powerful way of clearly illustrating how risk is being managed which can be readily understood by everyone in an organisation. Players have to overcome various challenges to build a bowtie diagram based on the analogy of a caged tiger, giving them a practical understanding of all the key elements and how they are structured.

Look Both Ways

The ALARP Principle


What risk reduction measures must you implement to reduce the risk of crossing a road to a level that is As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)? As the risk increases what must you do to maintain an ALARP position?

This game brings the fundamental risk management principle of ALARP to life through the everyday analogy of crossing a road. Players learn that the risk can only be considered ALARP when it is shown that the cost, time, trouble etc. of implementing further risk reduction measures is grossly disproportionate to the benefit achieved. Players learn that the purpose of the disproportion factor in this balancing act is to skew decision making towards reducing risk and why the level of disproportion should increase with the overall risk to ensure a bias to safety.

How is GBL delivered?

Like a good ©twister player, GBL is extremely flexible. Each session is short, typically lasting 30 to 45 minutes, and can be delivered in a number of ways.

It can provide a diverting, energising break from a traditional classroom session or it can be used to deliver a serious message in a short, high-impact and memorable way. Alternatively, it can play a central role within the roll-out of a new initiative or it can be used as an entertaining ice-breaker within a meeting, workshop or conference. So, don’t ©scrabble about in your management books for ©pointless activities – use GBL and get some useful learning at the same time!

Opportunity knocks!

Whilst these games have delivered significant value already, it is the process behind their development which perhaps offers most potential.

Through the process of creating these games, Risktec has generated an expansive list of concepts, themes and metaphors along with a process which allows them to be combined to develop a bespoke game which delivers the message you want to convey. So, if there is a specific message you want to get across to your workforce in a fun, engaging and memorable way, get in touch. You name it, we game it for a price that is always right!

Major companies use our methods

We’ve delivered GBL sessions across the oil and gas, nuclear, defence, transport and renewables sectors and have received excellent feedback. In supporting these clients we’ve used both our off the shelf games as well as bespoke, customised games to further enhance the learning experience.

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