Game Based Learning

What is Game Based Learning?

Effectively engaging the entire workforce on the topics of safety and risk is a challenge faced by many organisations. To address this, Risktec has developed a Game Based Learning (GBL) offering to supplement our existing training courses.  The aim of GBL is to reinforce learning in a fun and memorable way to maximise the effectiveness of the training experience.

Risktec has produced a series of games which instil a fundamental understanding of key safety themes relevant to all industries. Each game uses a fun, everyday analogy or metaphor for a traditionally technical subject, making the training accessible to all. These games can provide an excellent practical activity during training which helps reinforce the safety message to trainees. When people participate in an interactive, hands-on activity, their retention of knowledge is significantly improved compared to simply listening to or reading a presentation.

The games


Defence in Depth

Everyday operational issues can be tough on your barriers against failure. Put your judgement and technical skills to the test, to see how well you can manage your facility and keep it from collapse.

This game illustrates the concept of defence in depth to prevent major accidents. The players are given scenarios that can result in loss of safety barriers and, through playing the game, they gain a practical understanding of the effects of eroding the integrity safety barriers, and how this can impact the stability of operations.


Safety Critical Elements

Spec your own private jet for the holiday of a lifetime!  A lottery win means you can afford it all; on-board disco, pool table, the works! But when reality bites, can you afford what you really need to fly at all?

This game illustrates the concept of safety critical elements in the context of an aeroplane’s systems. The players use their judgement to identify components which are essential to the safety of the flight. This mirrors the identification and justification of safety critical elements essential for the prevention and mitigation of major accidents.


Safety Culture

Is safety how you do business as you blast through galaxies?  Or don’t you care as long as you don’t get caught?

This game highlights the importance of safety culture in achieving an organisation’s business objectives.  An improving safety culture can be characterised as moving up a ladder, from pathological, through reactive, calculative and proactive, to generative. Thinking about personal behaviours related to each cultural level can help people to realise how they can contribute positively to improving safety performance.

How is GBL delivered?

GBL sessions can be integrated into Risktec’s training courses upon request.

If you are looking for a unique and memorable addition to your training sessions, then have a look at our training offering here:

GBL applicability

The games are suitable for any industry, however we can also create bespoke versions which are tailored to your organisation or industry.

If your organisation has a specific message to convey which is not covered by one of our existing games, we are happy to work with you to develop the right game for your needs – please contact us via our Training pages.

Please note that the individual GBL games are not available for sale.

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