Vendor inspection and assessment


Vendor Inspection


The most convenient and cost-effective way to ensure product quality and compliance with specifications is to conduct inspections at the site of manufacture. Our experts verify that the products, equipment and installation elements you ordered comply with your expressed needs and expectations, taking into consideration industry regulations, general specifications and other requirements. We support you with extensive inspection services along the entire supply chain. Early detection of quality issues allows mitigation of issues prior to shipment and saves unnecessary costs.

Extensive support throughout your supply chain

Vendors and subcontractors are often in different countries and even on different continents, making it difficult for clients to oversee manufacturing processes. We inspect the procured goods and materials for compliance with industry standards and regulations. Additionally, we assess product quality, availability and supplier competence.

Services all around shipment

We offer comprehensive vendor inspection services all around shipment, specifically, pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and inspection during loading/unloading. By furnishing a PSI report, we assure you that equipment, components and documentation conform to contract requirements. Inspection during loading/unloading confirms that the products are sufficiently packed, ready for transport, and that they arrive according to the contractually specified terms of quality.

Ensuring quality and performance of your ordered products

Furthermore, we can ensure product quality with factory acceptance tests, quality assurance, quality control and material testing. We make sure that equipment performs appropriately under a range of foreseeable conditions before it leaves the factory. We support your project by proving the quality of your ordered equipment or components.

Keeping an eye on your suppliers

We also evaluate suppliers with our vendor assessment services. These services include auditing industrial equipment, machinery, components, materials and other products intended for purchase. Our experts are highly experienced and able to provide custom-made solutions based on your business needs.

Key benefits

  • Full transparency regarding quality of procured equipment.
  • Documentation of quality of goods and manufacturing processes.
  • Confidence in vendor and subcontractor compliance with applicable standards.
  • Improved reliability and competitiveness by identifying bottlenecks and weaknesses in production and avoiding delays or increased project costs.

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