Industrial inspection and integrity management

Industrial inspection

We provide a comprehensive service in Asset Integrity Management (AIM) for pressure systems, delivering risk-based programmes to focus inspections where they are most needed, to mitigate regulatory, process safety, environmental and commercial risks.

At a glance

TÜV Rheinland is a leading provider of technical services worldwide.  Our Risktec AIM team has extensive experience in providing inspection, integrity assessment and welding guidance for pressure parts in the power and oil sectors.  Our people are client-focussed, quality-driven, industry experts with a practical, common sense approach.

We manage the integrity of pressure systems to:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Identify and resolve potential sources of unplanned unavailability
  • Optimise the use of inspection opportunities and the client’s resources

We support the delivery of planned outages / turnarounds and breakdowns through:

  • Coordination of the inspection scope and third party contractors
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Visual examinations
  • Integrity assessment
  • Component life management
  • Weld repair advice

Our comprehensive services are designed to offer our clients flexibility, enabling them to maximise their ability to respond to ever-changing market conditions.


Outage / turnaround strategy flexibility

  • Extension of inspection periodicity
  • Postponements of examinations
  • ‘Limited certificate’ inspection workscopes
  • Phasing of statutory examinations
  • Tailored inspection workscopes to suit client operational requirements

Breakdown and incident support

  • Out-of-hours inspection, integrity advice and repair support
  • Metallurgical condition assessment
  • Failure investigation
  • Plant data analysis
  • Identification of emergent risks

Welding integrity

  • Weld repair solutions, specialising in service-degraded steels (including Grade 91)
  • Welding guidance, including review of third party welding procedures
  • Welding inspector services, e.g. review of welder qualifications, heat treatment requirements, etc.

Inspection and assessment

  • NDT, including specialist techniques
  • Visual examinations
  • On-site metallurgical replication, material composition and hardness testing
  • Materials testing
  • Component life assessment and life extension
  • Plant modification and design review support

Key benefits

  • Impartial and independent advice
  • Improved plant integrity, reliability and availability
  • Bespoke inspection schedules to match clients’ operational requirements
  • Industry-specific NDT techniques to detect and characterise defects
  • Coordination of inspections to ensure planned downtime is minimised
  • Prompt integrity assessment – run, repair, replace
  • Novel weld repair solutions
  • Out of hours support and rapid response, including breakdowns

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