Technical software development

We use industry standard risk and HSSE software to add value to our consulting services.  We also develop customised tools to help solve unique problems not readily tackled by standard methods.  These range from spreadsheet-based risk and reliability tools, to fully-developed, multi-user access .NET Windows applications written in C# and with graphing control.

We also work closely with Microsoft certified partners to help specify, develop and support bespoke specialist HSSE and risk software to meet clients’ specific requirements.  This technical software development service includes:

  • Requirements capture including user requirements, software requirements and architectural design documents
  • Development project plan
  • Proof of concept model
  • Development and system testing
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Technical/user manual
  • Software maintenance manual

Risktec and its Microsoft certified partners have extensive joint experience of developing scientific risk programs within a rigorous quality system.

“Our combined knowledge of software development and risk management enables us to understand and meet client requirements for bespoke risk software.”


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