HAZOP study / PHA

HAZard and OPerability (HAZOP) study is a structured and systematic examination of a product, process, procedure or system in order to identify hazards and operability issues. The method systematically examines how each part of the ‘design’ will respond to deviations in key parameters by using suitable guidewords.

Originally developed to analyse chemical process systems, HAZOP is very commonly used today throughout the process industries and is synonymous with PHA in North America (Process Hazard Analysis). It has also been extended to other types of systems and complex operations, including mechanical and electronic systems, procedures and software systems, and even to organisational changes and to legal contract design and review.

Risktec consultants are world leaders in the application of HAZOP and our services include:

  • Facilitating HAZOP workshops
  • Recording HAZOP workshops using leading HAZOP software including PHA Pro, PHA Works, HAZOP Manager, HAZOP Leader
  • Provision of independent process engineers
  • Layer of protection analysis (LOPA)
  • Training courses for HAZOP facilitators, scribes and participants
  • TÜV Rheinland certified training for Functional Safety Engineer (Process Hazard & Risk Analysis)

Our experience ranges from small, single node HAZOP studies through to complex, comprehensive HAZOPs for entire facilities.  We have a large number of experienced and client approved HAZOP and LOPA chairs/facilitators and highly proficient scribes/technical secretaries.

“Our in-depth knowledge of plant processes means we deliver effective and efficient HAZOP studies with relevant recommendations for reducing risk.” 

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