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Risktec provides a unique training and education service, from a single training course to a Risktec professional qualification or a tailored MSc programme in Risk and Safety Management, all taught by our experienced consultants.

Risktec learning pyramid

Assessed training, unassessed training

Developed and delivered by practitioners, for practitioners.

Our approach is flexible to meet individual and company needs: varying levels of assessment, different delivery methods (face-to-face, distance learning or blended), choice of modules, scheduling and locations.

MSc, Professional Qualifications, Postgraduate

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Show me Risktec's solutions:

I am an individual wishing to study for an MSc in Risk and Safety Management:

  • In partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).
  • Part-time online study.
  • Achieve an MSc, PgDip or PgCert in Risk and Safety Management.
  • Master of Science: complete 12 modules plus a real-world dissertation project over 3 years.
  • Postgraduate Diploma: complete 12 modules in 2 years.
  • Postgraduate Certificate: complete 6 modules over 1 year.
  • Write one assignment per module.
  • Option to study single modules for CPD credits.


I am an individual or represent a company wishing to study for a Risktec Professional Qualification (RPQ) in Risk and Safety Management:

  • Online self-study plus short written assessments.
  • A unique range of programmes for professionals in the high hazard industries.
  • Risktec Assessed Masters (RAM): complete 8 assignments plus a real-world project.
  • Risktec Assessed Diploma (RAD): complete 8 assignments.
  • Risktec Assessed Certificate (RAC): complete 4 assignments.
  • Qualify within months.
  • Start today.


I represent a company with a group of employees wishing to study for an MSc in Risk and Safety Management:

  • In partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).
  • Achieve an MSc, PgDip or PgCert in Risk and Safety Management.
  • Full-time or part-time study options.
  • Learn in the classroom or online or a combination of both.
  • Choose from 37 validated modules customised to your company or industry needs.
  • Complete an MSc within 18 months of full-time study or 3 years part-time.
  • MSc dissertation may be a real-world project.


I represent a company with a group of employees seeking a customised learning solution in Risk and Safety Management:

  • You decide, we deliver.
  • Let us capture your requirements and propose a tailored solution.
  • Choose from 50 specialist Risk and Safety Management courses.
  • In the classroom or online or a combination of both.
  • Choose either training or professional or postgraduate qualifications.
  • Full-time or part-time.
  • Single courses or integrated programmes including industry experience opportunities.
  • New courses designed to order.
  • Computer-based training.
  • Any subject, any time, any place.

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Feedback from students and client managers has been consistently positive


  • "The training was excellent, methodical, structured, the right mixture of slides and practical exercises"
  • "Knowledgeable trainer with excellent training skills"
  • "I often find I get very bored in courses but this one was good with plenty of breaks and interaction"
  • "Good value course"
  • "Great, practical hands on and good presentation"
  • "The training was very useful and Risktec served the purpose with flying colours"
  • "Teacher obviously has done the job for real"
  • "I was surprised by the amount of information I had not previously seen"
  • "The most useful parts of the course were the interactive sessions, I was able to participate by both phone and PC from my remote location"
  • "Great for remote workers even in isolation"

Client managers:

  • "Just wanted to tell you in very clear terms that we are very pleased with the training programme. The trainees have really gained a good understanding of things. We also appreciate all the efforts you have put in to the programme to get the training going, solve issues with the trainees and doing all those big and small wonderful things"
  • "The guys here were highly impressed with your training - just wanted to share that with you!"
  • "I have said it before and I'll say it again ... your hard work over the past few years has made me look good within my organisation - I have to say thanks again"

More testimonials.

Risk and Safety Management cross-industry training modules:

Cross Industry Modules


Industry specific training modules:

Industry Specific Modules

Visit our Modules page.


Why invest in a qualification in risk and safety management?

Risktec World


There is a shortage of skilled risk and safety professionals, so a qualification can be a 'fast-track' into the profession

Risktec World


More punitive legislation, use of novel technology and high profile major accidents ensure that risk and safety management is a growing profession

Risktec World


A qualification demonstrates learning with the ability to think creatively in order to solve complex risk and safety problems.

Risktec World


Enrolling on a Risktec programme ensures that your learning is relevant to industry and the situations you are likely to encounter in the real professional world.


Why select a qualification in risk and safety management with Risktec?

Risktec World


Risktec is respected as a leading risk and safety management consulting and education company, with some of the world's most impressive companies as clients.

Risktec World


Gaining a formal qualification from a recognised institution helps improve your career prospects and could also increase your remuneration.

Risktec World


A qualification helps an inexperienced graduate to prove to a prospective employer their commitment to the field of risk and safety.

Risktec World


A qualification can be a 'fast-track' into the growing risk and safety market for people working in related fields.

Risktec World


An experienced person already working as a risk and safety practitioner will gain a broader and deeper knowledge of the subject, while also achieving formal recognition of their hard earned experience.

Risktec World


Participants gain access to Risktec's experienced consultant-teachers, as well as the opportunity to network and interact with other students during group tasks.

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Distance learning allows participants to study at a time that best suits them, working at their own pace and from home.

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Distance learning avoids the costs of travel and accommodation associated with classroom learning.


Game Based Learning

A perennial frustration for organisations working within high hazard industries is that, despite going to great time cost and trouble to communicate important messages across the entire workforce, incidents continue to happen. Making these messages "stick" is clearly not a trivial pursuit.

Game Based Learning (GBL) provides an innovative solution to this problem. Whereas our training and education modules primarily focus on transferring complex technical knowledge and understanding to industry specialists, GBL is all about communicating simple messages to large numbers of people at all levels of an organisation in a highly memorable way.

Risktec has developed a series of games which instil a fundamental understanding of key technical safety themes at all levels of an organisation, from operations personnel to discipline engineers to senior managers and executives. Each game uses a fun, every-day analogy or metaphor for a traditionally technical subject making the training accessible to all. Through playing the game, trainees develop a memorable appreciation of how the analogy/metaphor relates to their specific roles and responsibilities. When people participate in an interactive, hands-on activity, their retention of knowledge is much better compared to simply listening or reading.  Indeed it is commonly suggested that you remember 90% of what you "do" when you simulate, model or experience a lesson. This is what GBL is all about.

Who would have thought that having fun playing a game could reduce the likelihood of a major accident? Well, GBL aims to do just that!

Visit our Game Based Learning page.


Further information:

If you would like to discuss your training and education requirements, please email training@risktec.tuv.com or telephone +44 1925 611200.

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